VideoSolutions VSPrompter 2.0 Teleprompter Software

VideoSolutions VSPrompter 2.0 Teleprompter Software
The VSPrompter2.0 is a professional software for teleprompters.
Supports Dual/Single monitor mode.
Designed for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 32bit operating systems.
Embedded text editor based on Rich edit text format.
Supports RTF text files on scrolling, allows to use RTF features such as selecting different fonts with different effects (BOLD, ITALIC, UNDERLINE and font color) for single text line.
Profile database for storing individual user settings
Variable speed table.
Modifiable layout of scrolling aria (size and position).
Additional information for the reader - timer (total, remain), reader/lens pointer, script name etc.
Run list.
Operator preview window in dual monitor mode.
The software be controlled with:
- foot pedal
- Contour Design ShuttleXpress
- keyboard and mouse.