Takstar DMS-5PS Drum Microphone Set

by Takstar
Takstar DMS-5PS Drum Microphone Set
Application : concert, recording studio


Designed for professional instruments and stage applications
Large drum microphone - designed to capture kick drum beats and low frequency musical instruments
Small drum microphone - ideal for tom-toms and snare drums
Condenser microphone - excellent in reproducing the sounds of instruments such as cymbals and pianos
All microphones handle extremely high volume level with ease
Low output impedance for long distance connection without compromising sound quality
Multiple structure and surface treatments for durability

In the Box

TA-8300 bass drum microphone
TA-8200 snare drum microphone
TA-8210 snare drum microphone
PCM-5100 condenser microphone x 2
W-50 condenser microphone wind sponge x 2
CH-58 condenser microphone stand x 2
1.5V alkaline batteries x 2
Portable box with plastic foam packaging crash