Takstar DJ-520 Headphones

by Takstar
Takstar DJ-520 Headphones
Specially designed for DJ monitoring with its own fashionable individuation.
Large endurance for instantaneous response.
The adjustable size of the headband and 90 rotating earlaps are designed for DJs to conveniently use the headphones and operate the mixer at the same time.
Unique folding design ensures the convenient and safe storage in ghe supplied bag for the headphones by folding the earlaps toward the inside and enlacing them wit the cable.
Soft leather earpads fully covering your ears and preventing the outside noise from disturbing you enjoy the monitoring music.
Especially ideal for popjlar music like rock-and-roll, hip-pop, etc.
Detachable cable is replaceable under different applications.
With integrate accessories.


Type : Dynamic
Driver Diameter : D50mm
Impedance : 32 Ohm
Sensitivity : 102dB
Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz
Power Handling Capability : 1500mW
Cable : D4mm x 1.2m Spring Cable (full stretch length approx. 4m)
Adaptor Plug : Stereo D3.5mm+ D6.3mm


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