Takstar TS-3320 VHF Wireless Microphone

by Takstar
Takstar TS-3320 VHF Wireless Microphone
For many reasons, low frequency among others, traditional wireless microphone systems can be easy interfered, especially by such equipment as CD, VCD and LD. To solve this problem, we designed the professional TS wireless microphone series, which adopts a series of measures to improve its functions, advance frequency using multilevel high frequency and mid frequency narrowband filter, mulriple noise detect and control. The microphone features also the special functions of avoiding interference from the outside.

This VHF band wireless microphone system is suitable for any public speeches and karaoke performances. It features long distance (50m in open area), high fidelity tone quality and wide frequency response range (80Hz-10kHz) with no distortions.


Mute Control: Noise-Locking
Frequency Deviation: +/-15kHz
Frequency Response: 80Hz-10kHz
Frequency Steadiness: +/-0.005%
S/N Ratio: >90dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5% (1kHz)
Channel: Two channels
Sensitivity: -80dB M
Max. Effective Range: 50m in open area
Receiver Power Supply: DC 12V/300mA
Transmitter Power Supply: 9V Tier battery
Transmit Power: 20mW
Frequency Range: 220MHz-270MHz

In the Box

1 x receiver
2 x handheld microphone (TS-3320)
1 x audio output line
1 x power adapter
2 x frame fixed
2 x 9 V battery