Takstar DA-251 Wireless Portable Amplifier

by Takstar
Takstar DA-251 Wireless Portable Amplifier
VHF system (220-270MHz) with more than 40 kindsof frequency spots to choose.
Simple but light and modern design.
High fidelity tone quality.
Wide frequency response range.
Low level of distortions.
Smart power supply and special low voltage protection function.


Frequency Response : 220MHz-270MHz (enjoying more than 40 kinds of frequency spot)
Receiving Sensitivity : -80dBm (S/N>=30dB)
Squelch Control : Noise-Lock
Resonance Interfere Rate : >50dB
False Image Interfere Rate : >50dB
Total Harmonic Distortion : <1% (1kHz)
Output Power : Approx. 10hrs
S/N Ratio : >40dB
Frequency Response : 60Hz-12.5kHz
Input Signal : Wired MIC x 1 Wireless MIC x 1
Speaker : 4 Ohm/10W
Power Requirements : DC 12V or 10.8V
Operating Range : 30m
Net Weight : 1.1kg

Transmitter -
Frequency Steadiness : +/-0.005%
Harmonic Rejection : >=40dB
Current Consumption : About 25mA
Operating Voltage : DC 9V

In the Box

Power adapter
Rechargeable batteries
Headset microphone and lapel microphone
Body pack wireless transmitter


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