Naphon B-800 Audio Power Amplifier

by Naphon
Naphon B-800 Audio Power Amplifier
Noise-free and excellent timbre.
Has input power supply filter, making the capability of anti-jamming much stronger.
Multiple intelligent protection systems and digital current limiter (crowbar) protection built-in.
The two dual-speed fans switch automatically to maintain the proper internal operating temperature.
Indicators: Power/Signal/Clip
Load Protection: DC Safeguard/Output Overloading/Startup/Boot-strap Short Test.
Standard XLR and 1/4" TRS sockets


(8 Ohm)Out Power : 2x800W
(4 Ohm)Out Power : 2x1350W
(2 Ohm)Out Power : 2x1800W
(8 Ohm)Bridge : 2300W
(4 Ohm)Bridge : 2900W

Output Circuit Type : Class H
Input Impedance : 20K Ohm
Frequency Response : 20Hz ~ 20KHz
T.H.D : <0.05%
Slew Rate : 40V/usec
Hum and Noise : 103dB
(8 Ohm)Damp Modulus : >400
Radiator : High/Low Automatism Control
Safeguard DC Safeguard/Overloading/Boot-strap Short Test

Power Supply : AC115V-240V 50~60Hz
Gross Weight : 30.0kg / 66.1lbs
Dimension : 550 x 560 x 170mm / 22 x 21.6 x 6.7inch