Kata RC-10 PL Rain Cover

by Kata
Kata RC-10 PL Rain Cover
Fits Medium-Size Camcorder / Fully-Equipped HDSLR
Waterproof RipStop Fabric
Crystal Clear TPU Panel for LCD Viewing
Designated Microphone/ Viewfinder Sleeve
Top Opening with Modular Sleeves
Full Bottom Opening/ Hand Sleeve
Slips On Quickly in Sudden Showers
Easily Secured with Drawstrings


Elements Cover protects your valuable equipment during extreme weather conditions. Use the black side for rain protection, the silver side for heat deflection or light reflection. Can also be used as a dust cover.

Crystal clear TPU panel enables controlled monitoring and viewing of your LCD screen at any angle.

Handy designated microphone and viewfinder sleeves, plus an overlapping top opening with modular sleeves to allow you to extract your shoulder strap, mini light, rig handle or other accessories.

When shoulder mounted or handheld, the cover's full bottom opening and dedicated hand sleeve enable you to easily work with both hands.

Bottom opening seals closed when you're using a tripod.

Cover slips quickly over your camcorder or HDSLR to protect it from sudden showers, and is easily secured by a quick pull of the drawstrings.


Material: Waterproof RipStop fabric, Clear TPU panel
Type of Closure: Drawstrings
Exterior Dimensions (LxH): 67 x 31 cm
Weight: 0.45 kg