VideoSolutions ODYSSEY 4H HD-SDI Video Mixer PAL

VideoSolutions ODYSSEY 4H HD-SDI Video Mixer PAL
8 channels digital audio/video mixer supports HD and SD sources
Embedded logo inserter
Full HD preview output with multiviewer
Analog audio inputs


- 8 inputs (Supports both SD SDI (576 / 50i) and HD SDI (1080 / 50i, 720 / 50p)
- Switching both synchronizing and asynchronizing sources
- Built-in multifunctional multiviewer on Full HD monitor for preview video sources, Program and Preset video signals, audio level monitoring, service information - source markers, current mode, clock etc
- Luma keyer, DSK
- Built-in two independent logo generators including the animation
- Built-in clock on air generator
- Built-in test-pattern generator
- Two independent PIP
- Tally interfaces
- Built-in 8x2 matrix switcher
- PC remote control



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