Fujifilm D5001-94L D-5 Format Digital Cassette (pack 10 pcs)

Fujifilm D5001-94L D-5 Format Digital Cassette (pack 10 pcs)
Fujifilm 94 Minute D-5 Videotape


The Ultimate in High-Quality D5 Digital Video Performance- Broadcasters and production professionals who work with uncompressed digital recording formats expect the highest levels of performance from their recording media. And with Fujifilm D5001 1/2-inch digital metal videocassettes, that's exactly what they get - uncompromising audio and video quality.

An Ideal Choice for Uncompressed Digital Recording- New Fujifilm D5001 videocassettes are designed to get the best out of today's 10-bit digital component recording systems. Thanks to newly developed ultra-fine, high-output metal magnetic particles and superior Fujifilm calendering technology, the surface of the tape is mirror-smooth. So head contact is excellent, with minimal noise and low error rates. The result is a high C/N ratio, particularly in the short wavelength range that is essential for high-density digital recording.

Superior Durability & Transport Stability- Fujifilm D5001 videotape uses a new high-adhesion binder material to assure outstanding reliability and minimal head clogging - even during extended still and high-speed shuttle operation. On long-playing 63M and 124L cassettes, an ultra-strong PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) base film that is exceptionally resistant to stretching and deformation enhances durability. A new backcoating material contributes to stable tape transport by keeping the friction coefficient low under the most demanding operating conditions.

Excellent Long-Term Storage Characteristics- To ensure that magnetic performance and output remain high even after long-term storage, ultra-fine metal magnetic particles are coated with a powerful antioxidant. In addition, our exclusive production technologies and high-quality base materials prevent the tape shrinkage that can cause tracking errors.


D-5 Run Time: 94 Minutes
D-3 Run Time: 188 Minutes
Tape Size: Large Cassette