Sony BCT-5MA Betacam SP Cassette (pack 10 pcs)

by Sony
Sony BCT-5MA Betacam SP Cassette (pack 10 pcs)
Sony 5 Minute Betacam SP Videotape


High strength binder gives Sony Betacam SP metal tape greater durability after repeated use - important for cart machines and repeated editing.
Stringent quality control methods during manufacturing yield minimal dropouts.
Dropouts are further reduced through an advanced binder layer and an anti-static lid that reduces performance sapping dust.
Alumina-silica metal particle coating keeps retentivity and coercivity high after years of storage, maximizing archival life.
Advanced lubricants extend head life of Beta SP equipment.
Controlled surface roughness minimizes modulation noise for a higher C/N ratio (carrier to noise ratio).