Sony BCT-64SRL HDCAM Cassette (pack 10 pcs)

by Sony
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Sony BCT-64SRL HDCAM Cassette (pack 10 pcs)


The most advanced metal particle tape in Sony's 1/2 broadcast family of professional tape products.
Metal particles 50% smaller than HDCAM tape with improved magnetic characteristics yielding: 2X the output (6-7dB), 2.7X the recording density of HDCAM tape, and 3.3X the density of D5-HD tape.
Tele-File label with IC memory built on cassette to capture content metadata
Specially designed locking album case with improved tape protection characteristics
By providing full bandwidth RGB, HDCAM SR helps bridge the gap between acquisition and Digital Intermediate workflows.
HDCAM SR's ability to store RGB images in real time, cost effectively and in a timely manner, will lead to higher quality composite effects and film to tape archiving.
The HDCAM SR contains metal particles that are approximately half the size of HDCAM allowing for a much higher density recording layer that provides an additional 6 dB of signal saturation.
Along with the higher density recording, the smaller particles allow the cassettes to capture recording wavelength to 0.29um representing the highest performance of metal tape in the broadcast family.
HDCAM SR has recording lengths up to 50 minutes for the small size cassette, and 155 minutes for the large cassette in 24P mode.
HDCAM SR utilizes the 4:4:4 capture. At 24P it will facilitate the highest quality transfers to motion picture film and support enhanced blue/green screen compositing and the creation of contemporary special effects. Using 4:4:4 RGB HDCAM SR uses no chroma subsampling, but instead yields more of the full bandwidth of the HDSDI signal.


Tape Size: Large Cassette
60i Run Time: 64 Minutes
24p Run Time: 80 Minutes