VideoSolutions VSS-19F Teleprompter + Monitor+ Software

VideoSolutions VSS-19F Teleprompter + Monitor+ Software
The VSS-19F is a professional teleprompter designed for outdoor and indoor (studio) use. Its reliable 19-inch LCD monitor projects text information onto a translucent glass located in front of the camera lens. The text information is only visible to the speaker, it does not appear on the video footage.
The camera mount platform is easy height-adjustable. It is allows to mount cameras of different size
The construction is made of lightweight aluminum extrusions . It is easy weight balanced on tripod and does not require counterweight.
The teleprompter can be attached to any standard tripod or pedestal using the standard 3/8-inch screw.
The prompter can be conveniently folded to carrying case (not included).
Supplied software requires Windows PC.

This teleprompter uses ultra clear beamsplitter 70/30 AR coated glass (made in Japan).

In the Box

Tube with 450 x 400mm Two-Way Glass
Mounting Platform
19-inch LCD Monitor
Teleprompter Software
Foot Pedal


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