Pchood Super Camera Support Kit

by Pchood
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Pchood Super Camera Support Kit
This kit is for taking movie with DSLR, such as Canon 5D2, 7D, 60D, Nikon D7000, etc.
Fits most HD camcorders.

Super Kit includes:
Follow Focus Kit
Baseplate system
Hand Grip
Shoulder Support
Magic Hand Grip
C Shape Support
Matte Box
HDMI LCD 7"Monitor (without battery)
Pro monitor hood
Top Hand Grip
BP battery pinch
BP Li-Battery (with battery charger)
HDMI splitter
Professional Microphone
Professional microphone amplifier


Here is the list of all accessories:

Follow Focus Kit:
Materials: 90% aluminum alloys, 3% POM, 8% of stainless steel (screws, bearings, gears)
Process: Own mold, hard surface oxidation, the core components of the high hardness of 100 per cent copper alloy.
Includes: card cases, main part, standard six fixed-diameter gear rings and two rubber zipper-style gear rings.
Performance: worm-type rigging-angle drive, excellent mechanical properties. Unique damping touch.

Baseplate System:
Materials: 90% aluminum alloys, 10% stainless steels.
Process: hard surface oxidation.
Performance: XY axis many adjustable joints of X and Y axis can adapt to various HDSLR and HDV with high and low conversion card cases (for height conversion use).

It provides much improved viewing over stock view-finders, especially if you only have the LCD monitor to compose shots with, it allows a great deal more light to come through, resulting in a crisper, clearer, brighter image, pushing the viewfinder gently against your eye provides a third point of contact and, therefore, greater stability.

Double Handles:
Material: 70% aluminum alloys, 28% plastics, 2% stainless steel (screws)
Process: hard surface oxidation, plastic molds.
Includes: four-hole card cases, double hand grip, single horizontal rail.
Specification: 300mm adjustable horizontal spacing for rails, adjustable 360 degree angle for front and back.
Performance: Growth handheld components can better improve arm fatigue because of the balance causes. Ergonomic handle is adjustable to one-hand operation.

Shoulder Support:
Material: 80% of environmental protection silicone, 18% aluminum, 2% stainless steel (screw).
Technology: Own mold, hard surface oxidation.
Includes: Cards, hanging board, the Shoulder Support of the main.
Performance: Soft gel, designed around a different slope for the human body, attached to the shoulder, not easy to fall.

Magic Arm Grip:
Material: 90% aluminum alloys, 10% stainless steels.
Color: black.
Process: hard surface oxidation.
Performance: to full, universal adjustment of LCD position, a key to lock the joint design. It can be connected to the tubes of 15MM of the suite.

C-shape Support:
Material: 90% aluminum alloys, 10% stainless steels.
Process: its own mold, hard surface oxidation.
Includes: screws, knobs
Performance: connect baseplate system and handles and other equipment together, the bottom two holes, can be installed on the baseplate system; top also has two holes, can install top handle for hand-held shooting.

Matte Box:
Materials: 95% aluminum-magnesium alloys, 5% stainless steel (screws).
Process: plastic molds, hard surface oxidation, spraying of rubber oil.
Includes: side door card cases, main part, back cover, three removable flag plate, two 4x4 filter slots, two 4x4 filter rings, filters can be rotated.
Specification: front diameter 210mm x 150mm, maximum diameter of back-end 110mm, to the downwards matching with different block-rays according to different bores. Front to back distance of 65mm, it can be connected to ultra-wide-angle lens.
Performance: Quick release lock design, rapid side door for quick replacement of lens.

HDMI LCD Monitor:
7-inch monitor without internal battery.
Display screen: 10 inches LCD
Pixel: AV input 800 x 480 (1,152,000) pixels, HDMI input 1920X1080.
Color format: PAL-4.43 NTSC-3.58 screen ratio: 16:9
Contrast Ratio: 500:1
Brightness: 300cd/m2
Viewing Angle: 120 (up / down), 140 (left / right)
HDMI Input: 1
Weight Input: 1
AV Input: 1
(Internal Battery ones: 2200 mAh Li battery, 3 hours battery endurance)
Input voltage: DC 11-13V
Power consumption: <= 8W
Dimensions (mm): 188 (L) x 129 (W) x 40 (H)

Professional Monitor Hood:
Specification: 7-inch
Material: PP Plastic sheet outside, black flock inside
Profile: Professional design, Well Shielding Effectiveness , Easy to install, International Patents PCT

Top Handle:
Materials: 95% aluminum alloys, 3% plastics, 2% stainless steels.
Process: molds, hard surface oxidation
Accessories: L-type upper pole of side rotation, lifting part of the dual 250mm standard mounting rail, the middle of open joints.
Performance: the upper lifting component is completely solve the problem of low film, unique quick turn function to facilitate the rapid replacement of the lens when shooting.

BP battery pinch & HDMI splitter:
Performance: multi-channel power supply system, can supply monitors, splitter, microphone, bright lights, microphone amplifier and other equipment, built-in splitter, which can transmit signals and power supply to two monitors.
Here are the ports:
One 16.8V(in) the BP Li battery charging jack;
One 15V(out); Two 12V(out) the monitor power socket;
One 5V(in) and one 5V(out) for the HDMI splitter;
One 5V(USB) for other use, like you can charge you cellphone;
one HDMI(in), two HDMI(out) for using 2 monitors at the same time.
One 7.2V(out) for the external battery of camers, that means for long time work, you do not need to change the battery of the camera, just use our battery pinch and external battery, then the camera can get power from the big BP Li battery for long time use;
We also provide 4 elastic wires(2 red head for high voltage, 2 black head for low voltage), the size of the 2 kinds wires are different, so they cannot be mixed. This avoids the danger of burning the equipments.Normal state is 20 cm, can be stretched up to 1.5 meters.

BP Li-Battery
Specification: 14.8V,7200mAh,original imported batteries core.
Sony BP battery,V-interfaces.
Performance: large capacity, can support more than two days of continuous work.
Use optional BP battery pinch, built-in large scale integrated circuits, can be used with BP Li-batteries to power multiple electrical devices such as cameras, monitors, video light, splitter, and even a USB interface to cell phone charger. And a built-in splitter, which can output two HDMI signals, watch for two monitors.

HDMI Splitter:
Material:Aluminium alloy.
Performance: HDMI can be divided into 2 HDMI signal, the splitter can help director and photographer to watch 2 displays or 2 monitors at the same time.
The splitter can also be intergrated in the battery pinch.

Professional Microphone:
Performance: condenser microphone, high fidelity, hypersensitized, handling noise, impact load.

Professional microphone amplifier:
Signal-to-Noise>=100dB(GAIN=10), Distortion 0.002%(GAIN=10)
Performance: Compatible with condenser/ dynamic microphone; Phantom Power+48V.
Input interface: Standard Cannon (XLR) balanced input.
Output interface: Standard Cannon(XLR) balanced output.

ABS Security Case:
Professional ABS security case, equipment box, 29 inches, fully enclosed, moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, airtight, shock-proof, lined, strong and lightweight.
External dimensions: 647*496*303.5mm
Inside dimensions: 587*427*269.5mm
The depth of the lid/case: 49.5mm/220mm
Configuration: 2 front latches, a folding handle, two wheels and retractable rod, one-handed drag, a folding handle on each side of the case.
Professionally designed lining, not only can put the film suite, good protection equipment, and provide a surplus of space to put other things, such as the camera, etc.

2pcs HDMI Cable:
Special cable for camera to monitor. The right-angle design can effectively protect the port of your camera. And the 55cm length is also for the convenience of user.

4pcs wire:
Special elastic wire, red ones are for high voltage, yellow ones are for low voltage, to protect your cameras and monitors from being burned. And it can be stretched to 1.5m.

Pro tools
Special for the kit, very useful and convenient.