Victor VC2100 Oscilloscope 100MHz

by Victor
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Victor VC2100 Oscilloscope 100MHz
100MHz Bandwidth, Dual Channel, Delayed Sweep
Built-In 6 Digit Universal Counter
10 Sets Memory for Front Panel Setting Save & Recall
Time Base Auto-range
Cursor Readout with 7 Measurements
Panel Setup Lock of Digital- Countrol Functions
Buzzer Alarm
LED Indicators
TV Synchronization
Trigger Signal Input
SMD Technology, High Stability and Reliability


Band-Width : DC ~ 100MHz
Deflexion factor : 5mV/DIV--5V/DIV
10 ranges in series of 1,2,5
Sweep time factor : 0.5s/DIV--0.2uS/DIV
20 ranges in series of 1,2,5
Extension x 10 the fastest sweeping speed : 20ns/DIV
Trigger synchronization:
Inside - Alternately Power
Outside - TV-H TV-V
Vertical mode: CH1 CH2 ALT CHOP ADD
Sweep way : auto trigger
Dimensions : 310 x 130 x 418mm
Weight : approx. 6.5kg

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