Victor 05 Loop Calibrator

by Victor
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Victor 05 Loop Calibrator
The Victor VC 05 is a rugged digital loop calibrator with voltage and current measurement . It has 24V DC loop power supply and a basic accuracy of 0.05%. In SINK mode it will simulate a two wire transmitter. Maximum allowable voltage on the inputs is 30V.


The max. overload is 1k Ohm at 20mA range when the power is higher than 6.8V.
The max overload is 700 Ohm at 20mA range when the power is higher than 5.8 ~ 6.8V.
Power supply range : DC 5~25V.
Temperature coefficient : +/-0.005%, range/oC (5oC ~ 18oC, 28oC ~ 40oC).


Power : 9V battery
Battery life : Approx. 20 hours working on 10mA condition.
Max. allowable voltage : 30V
Operation temperature : 0 to 50oC
Operation humidity : <80% RH
Storage Temperature : <-10oC to +55oC
Storage Humidity : <90% RH
Dimensions : 200 x 100 x 40 mm (with holster)
Weight : 550 g (with holster)


In the Box

Operation manual
CF-36 industrial test lead
(probe with alligator clips)