Victor VC8045-II Benchtop Digital Multimeter

by Victor
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Victor VC8045-II Benchtop Digital Multimeter
4 1/2 high performance Bench-type DMM, Liquid crystal display.
It can be used to measure DC and AC Voltage, DC and AC current, Resistance, Capacitance, Hz, hFE, Diodes and Continuity.
The max. voltage measuring can up to 1000V DC or AC peak value. Resolution can be 10u V and current measuring can up to 20A.
It also has the function of polarity auto-change, backlight displaying and directly reading.
For AC measuring, it is performed by high accuracy true RMS, has the feature of width measuring and gets accurate rms for AC flow of any wave shape.


Special Functions :
Diode test
Triode test
Continuity test (audible)
Overload protection


19999 counts
40mm high digit display, with backlight
25 ranges
Unit display
True RMS measurement
Frequency response : 50Hz ~ 50kHz
Input impedance : 10M Ohm.
DC voltage : 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V (+/- 0.05%)
AC voltage : 200mV/2V/20V/200V/750V (+/- 0.8%)
DC current : 20mA/200mA/20A (+/- 0.3%)
AC current : 20mA/200mA/20A (+/-0.4%)
Resistance : 200 Ohm/2k Ohm/20k Ohm/200k Ohm/2M Ohm/20M Ohm (+/- 0.1%)
Capacitance : 20nF/2µF/200µF
Frequency : 20kHz/200kHz (+/- 1.5%)
Power : AC 110/220V +/- 10%
Input impedance : 10 М Ohm
AC frequency response : 3 times/s
Sampling rate : 40~50kHz
Operation way : Manual range
Dimensions : 260 x 220 x 105mm
Weight : approx. 1000g


In the Box

Power cord
Test leads
Instruction manual