Victor 98A+ True RMS Multimeter

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Victor 98A+ True RMS Multimeter


4-1 / 2 bit resolution, display 22000 words, DC voltage accuracy of 0.05%;

The measurement function:
* AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current, DC current, resistance, capacitance
* On / off, diode, frequency / duty cycle measurement
* Temperature measurement, thermal resistance measurement, peak measurement (PEAK)
* AC + DC measurement (AC + DC), AC + frequency (AC + Hz) measurement
* Relative value measurement (REL_%), maximum value, minimum value, average value measurement (MAX / MIN / AVG)

The display rate: 2.5 to 3 times / second, analog bar refresh rate: 20 ~ 24 times / sec.
The AC of true RMS measurement, measurement bandwidth: 20Hz ~ 1kHz.
Can choose manual or automatic range measurement.
The Display of measurement data hold (DIS_HOLD) and automatic hold (AUTO_HOLD) function.
Peak measurement function, 1ms peak sampling capture, can capture spikes pulse.
Can choose 1 ~ 24000 reference impedance decibel measurement.
Thermocouple measurement: K indexing, built-in temperature sensor, automatic cold junction compensation, can be o C or o F temperature display.
Large-screen multi-data display, which can display the measured value and other related measurement information
Multi-data parameter recording function: manual recording, regular recording, and easy to query the record data.
The instrument built-in large-capacity data storage, can store up to 1000 (group) field measurement data.
Can record data, or send to the user PC.

Instrument online communication function
* The instrument communicates with the PC using an isolated serial communication module compatible with the USB interface.
* Support industry standard SCPI command, through the device driver software to achieve remote control of the instrument.
Through the powerful, friendly man-machine interface, users can easily access the instrument in a number of data parameters
* Data storage, processing, management, etc., to obtain the data in the form of graphics or forms.

Large screen LCD display, with white LED backlight. Simple man-machine operation, compact, rugged for field use.


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