Comer CM-LED1800 LED Camera Light Kit for Sony SxS with 65Wh Battery and Charger

by Comer
Comer CM-LED1800 LED Camera Light Kit for Sony SxS with 65Wh Battery and Charger
The kit includes Comer CM-LED1800 LED Camera Light, Globalmediapro DCU65 Battery and Globalmediapro SC1 1-channel charger.

The Comer LED1800 is one of the brightest LED on-camera lights available. With 10 ultra bright LEDS the LED1800 outputs an incredibly high 1800 Lux (1m) which equates to approx 80w in comparison to conventional bulb camcorder lights.
Color temperature can be adjusted to either 3200k or 4500k and the flip up condenser lens creates a spotlight effect for high or low beam. The light is powered by the camcorder or battery D Tap power outlet.
The Comer LED1800 has a fully tilt able shoe mount attachment for easy connection to your camcorder. Supplied in custom carry case.


* Camera Light use world famous high-brightness white LED as its lens light source.
* Color temperature can be adjusted for 4500k or 3200k by the diffuser.
* Camera light provides high-intensity illumination with 1200lux or 1800lux.
* Camera light can be adjusted for high beam or low beam by the condenser/diffusion lens.
* Camera light has a long life cycle of 10,000 hours.
* The power consumption of 18w is equal to the illumination of 80w.
* Installation is easy and versatile.
* Dedicated ON/OFF switch. (You can keep the dimmer settings the same way after turning the on and off).
* Metal shoe.



Input voltage : DC 6V-17V
Maximum power consumption : approximately 20W
Maximum luminosity : 1800lux at 1m (3 ft)

Lighting distance :
1800lux at 1m (3 ft)
200lux at 3m (10 ft)
72lux at 5m (16 ft)
28lux at 8m (26 ft)

Color temperature : 4500K and 3200K selectable
Operating temperature : 0 to 40oC (32 to 104oF)
Storing temperature : -20 to 60oC (-4 to 140oF)

Weight : 450 g (0.99 lbs)
Dimensions : 108 x 150 x 113mm (4.25 x 5.90 x 4.45in)

Interface type : D-Tap power plug (DC6V - 17V)
Approximate time of illumination : 195min (with Globalmediapro 65WH battery)

Globalmediapro DCU65 Battery 65WH with D-Tap

Cell type : Lithium Ion
Capacity : 4400mAh
Rating voltage : 14.8V
End voltage : 11V
Optimal Fast Charge Rate : 2.2A
Power limit including DC Connector : 55W
Maximum current : 4A
Charge voltage : Optimal Charge Voltage 16.8V
Internal resistance : less than 350mOhm

Charging time :
- 170 minutes with Globalmediapro SC1 charger
- 220 minutes with Globalmediapro SCQ2-DC-U charger
The SC1 charges using D-Tap connector.

Operating Temperature Range :
- Charging 0 to 45oC (32 to 113oF)
- Discharging -20 to 60oC (-4 to 140oF)
RH : 45%-75%
Dimensions (W x L x H) : 42 x 70 x 95 mm (1.65 x 2.76 x 3.74 in)
Weight : approximately 415 g (0.91 lbs)

Globalmediapro SC1 1-channel Mini Charger

Input : 90~240 V, 47~63 Hz
Output charging voltage : DC 16.75+0.05 V
Output charging current : max 2.2 A, normal 2.0 A
Full Charge : 65 Wh - 196 min, 95 Wh - 278 min, 160 Wh - 425 min, 190Wh - 499 min, 230Wh - 604 min
Operating temperature : 5 oC~35 oC (41 oF~ 95 oF)
Dimensions : 69 x 138 x 40 mm (2.72 x 5.43 x 1.57 in)
Weight : 480 g (1.06 lbs)

In the Box

Globalmediapro DCU65 Battery 65WH with D-Tap
Globalmediapro SC1 1-channel Mini Charger
Comer CM-LED1800 LED Camera Light
Barn door
Condenser Lens


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