StreamLabs MS2plus Multichannel Capture Card

StreamLabs MS2plus Multichannel Capture Card
Stream MS2+ multichannel capture card for PCI Express Bus

- Supports DVB-ASI, full-frame SD-SDI video/audio and analog AV signal.
- Fully flexible port configuration.


- Two BNC ports with individual status LEDs
- Operation in ASI, SDI or analog AV mode can be selected under software control
- Cable equalisation and automatic ASI inversion
- 10-bit SDI, full stream @ 270 Mbit/s
- Interface : PCI Express x1
- Low Profile card
- Free drivers and SDK (DTAPI) for Windows XP/Vista/7
- Firmware Update via PCI Express
- Example source code for stream recorder
- Free software - Stream MultiView and Stream ASI2IP
- Supported software StreamLabs company - Stream TVRec
- Supported software DVBControl and DECONTIS

Stream MultiView - is designed for simultaneous visual monitoring of multiple sources of video and
audio signal in real time on a computer monitor (plasma, LCD-TV). Works with all Stream Labs SDK
supported cards. Stream MultiView allows users to display 2-4 incoming SD-SDI/composite A/V streams
(MS2, MS4 cards), 4 SD/HD-SDI streams (MH4 card), or 16 analog video/audio streams (FX416 card).
The program is very reliable and easy to use.

Stream ASI2IP allows users to capture a transport stream from the ASI supported cards (Wind SDI 2,
MS2/MS4) input and broadcast over IP. The program supports multiple network adapters.

Free softwares Stream MultiView and Stream ASI2IP install from installation package of drivers for
Stream Labs cards.

- Monitoring of multiple MPEG-2/4 transport streams and/or SDI serial digital video streams.
- Universal ASI/SDI input adapter for PC-based applications that record and/or process ASI or SDI.


Key attributes

ASI/SDI/CVBS connector 75-Om BNC (2x)
Input return loss >15dB

Physical layer DVB-ASI (coax) EN50083-9
Rx bitrate 0 .. 214Mbit/s

Physical layer SMPTE 259M 270Mbit/s
#Bits 8 or 10bit
Embedded audio capture

Analog video Standards Support NTSC(M/4.43) / PAL(B/D/G/H/I/K/L/M/N/60)/SECAM

Capture analog audio in 24 bit/48kHz

In the Box

- PCI-E card
- Breakout Cable
- CD-disk with driver, sdk and user guide