VideoSolutions RX-31SD SD-SDI Fiber-Optic Receiver

VideoSolutions RX-31SD SD-SDI Fiber-Optic Receiver
Extender requires RX-31SD optical receiver and TX-31SD optical transmitter.

SD-SDI can be transmitted up to 10km over single mode fiber.

The extender is a quality and economical solution designed for transmission of SD SDI video with embedded audio and metadata over a single mode optical fiber cable.

The transmitter module receives one SD-SDI and converts SMPTE 259M, or DVB-ASI SDI signal to optical SDI signal. The receiver module receives the optical signal from input SC connector, and then converts it back to the electrical SDI signal.

The TX-31SD transmitter is a class 1 laser product.


Enables transmission of digital video signal over optic fiber up to 10km
Standard SC-type fiber optic connector (single mode)
Supports following protocols:
SMPTE 259M, DVB ASI (270Mbps)


Input connectors

Transmitter: 1x 750hm BNC SDI
Receiver: 1x Optical SC

Output connectors

Transmitter: 1x Optical SC
Receiver: 2x 750hm BNC SDI

SDI signal type: SMPTE-259M, DVB-ASI

Fiber optic
Wavelength: 1310 nm(1550 nm)
Type: Single-mode
Optical power: Better than -7 dBm
Data rate: 270 Mbps
Cable equalization: up to 300m/1000ft

Power supply: 9-12V,1A DC
Dimensions, mm: 105 x 80 x 25 (L x W x H)

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VideoSolutions RX-31SD SD SDI Fiber Optic Receiver


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