Pintek PA-655 Current Probe DC-500KHz

by Pintek
Pintek PA-655 Current Probe DC-500KHz
High sensitivity of 5mA
Wide AC bandwidth up to 500KHz
Low noise (about 1/3 lower than competitors)
Dual power : AC adaptor for indoor, batteries for outdoor applications
Detachable output wire - convenient for packing, storing and self examination for any damages


Max. +/-50A DCA
Resolution : ≧5mA
Bandwidth : DC~500KHz
Rise Time : 0.7us
Over Range Function
20mV/A, 200mV/A Range
Adaptor/Battery Input
Separating Design,Convenient Durable


In the Box

BP-250 BNC to BNC Cable
MT-246N BNC to Multimeter Connector
AC Adaptor
Instruction Manual