Panasonic AG-DVX102 mini-DV Camcorder PAL

Panasonic AG-DVX102 mini-DV Camcorder PAL
Allows synchronous setting of time-code values in mulitiple cameras
User-Settable files can be copied from camera to camera
Remote Control of focus and iris (wired)
EVF and LCD can display images in 16:9 letter-box format
Superior Image Rendering with the Leica Dicomar&TradeMark; Lens, Plus OIS
470,000-Pixel, 3CCD Image System Provides F11 Sensitivity for Superior Image Quality
High-Sensitivity Slow Shutter (in cumulative) Function
High Image Quality with 12-Bit A/D Conversion
RGB Gamma Processor Provides Rich, Cine-Like Tones
High-Quality, Native Progressive 25p Mode
25p Shooting - 50i Recording
Improved Colour Reproduction and Advanced Image Adjustments Built-In
25p Shooting Functions for Professionals
Wide-Angle/Zoom Lens Answers Professional Needs
Fast, Smooth Cam-Driven Manual Zoom
Focus Assist
Auto Button for Instant, Easy Shooting
Three User Buttons for Customized Operation
Lightweight Design with Balanced Grip
Scene File Dial Provides Quick, Easy Setup
Magnesium Alloy Chassis
The Rugged Durability Professionals Need
3-Position White Balance with Auto Tracking White Function
Automatic Head Cleaning
First DV camera-recorder with time-code synchro function
Supports multi-angle recording with multiple cameras
File Transfer Function
External Backup with the IEEE 1394 Synchro Lock Function
Three 16:9 Wide Modes, Including the New Squeeze Mode
Large Electronic Viewfinder
3.5" Colour LCD Monitor


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