Azden 500UDR Receiver and 51HT Handheld Microphone UHF Wireless System

by Azden
Azden 500UDR Receiver and 51HT Handheld Microphone UHF Wireless System
A complete UHF lavalier system consisting of the 500UDR receiver and the 51HT handheld mic/transmitter.

The 51HT Handheld microphone transmitter with 63 on-board user selectable UHF frequencies. Ideal for all vocal applications.

The Azden 500UDR is a lightweight, camera mountable UHF receiver designed for use with their broadcast series UHF transmitters such as the 41BT body-pack, 41HT handheld and 41XT plug-in transmitters. The 500 UDR features a true diversity design with twin antennas providing maximum protection against drop-out and Radio Frequency interference. The unit provides 63 user selectable frequencies providing plenty of options when experiencing interference on a particular frequency. A balanced XLR output maintains maximum audio fidelity and signal gain throughout and the 500 UDR can operate more than 8 1/2 hours using 6 "AA" batteries. The unit can also except external power via it's DC-IN jack. The receiver easily attach's to a camera using the supplied touch fastener and is enclosed in a durable all-metal chassis.


500UDR UHF Wireless Receiver
RF Carrier Freq. Range : 793.750 - 805.875 MHz (MicroComputer Controlled PLL)
Effective Operating Range : 200 - 300ft (60 - 100m)
Frequency Response : 50Hz - 15kHz (+/- 3dB)
RF Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) : 1.5µV
Adjacent Channel Selectivity : >70dB (+/- 250kHz)
Image Rejection : >90dB
IF Rejection : >90dB
Audio THD : <0.8%
Audio Output : -18dBm (600Ù, +/-5kHz Dev., MIC)
XLR Output Impedance : 900 Ù Balanced
Phone Output Impedance : 30 Ù
Power Requirements : 6 x 1.5VDC ("AA" Batteries) or 9 - 12VDC @ 170mA
Dimensions : 105 x 105 x 35 mm
Operating Temperature : 32o - 113oF (0o - 45oC)
Weight (w/6-"AA" batteries) : 500g
Supplied : 2 - Antenna, Screwdriver, hook and loop fastener

51HT UHF Wireless Microphone
Type of Emission : FM
Antenna : Internal Antenna
Microphone Unit : Unidirectional Dynamic
RF Output Power : 10m W (50mW MAX)
Input Impedance : 8K
Audio adj Range : m/2
Battery : 2 1.5V (AA)
Battery Life : 6 to 8 Hours with Alkaline Battery
Dimensions : 56(D) 242(L) mm
Weight (without battery) : 250g


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