Azden 411DRH Receiver and 51HT Handheld Microphone UHF Wireless System

by Azden
Azden 411DRH Receiver and 51HT Handheld Microphone UHF Wireless System
A complete UHF hand held system consisting of the 411DRH 63-channel receiver and the 51HT handheld mic/transmitter.
The Azden 411 series provides affordable UHF wireless microphone systems ideal for small theater, clubs, restaurants, lectures etc.

The 51HT Handheld microphone transmitter with 63 on-board user selectable UHF frequencies. Ideal for all vocal applications.
The 411UDR and 411DRH are crystal controlled, PLL synthesized receivers with 63
on-board user selectable frequencies with a range of 794MHz to approx. 806MHz. They are true diversity, containing two separate receivers, each operating on the same frequency. The transmitter's output signal is monitored constantly by a diversity circuit, which switches automatically to the receiver with the stronger RF signal. This allows wireless performance that is virtually drop-out free, even under the most adverse conditions.
Both receivers feature a 1/4-inch and XLR output jacks and volume adjustment.


Receiver Technical Specs:
Frequency Range : UHF 63 ch. (793.875-805.875MHz)
Frequency Response : 20HZ to 20KHz
Audio Distortion : less than 1.0% +/- 15K deviation
Dynamic Range : better than 100dB
S/N Ratio : better than 95dB
Operating Temperatures : 0o C to 45o C
Operating Range : 100m under ideal conditions
Oscillator : PLL synthesized
Tone Squelch Frequency : 32.768KHz
Diversity Type : True Space Diversity
Receiver Type : Super Heterodyne, PLL Synthesized
Image Rejection : Better than 60dB
Reception Sensitivity : Better than 16dBµV
Reception Selectivity : +/- 150KHz
Audio Output Adj. Range : -30dB, ctr 0dB, max +6dB
Audio Output Impedance : 2.2 k ohms unbal., 660 ohms bal.
Power Requirements : 12V DC 300mA
Dimensions : 280(W) x 120(D) x 37(H) mm
Weight : 920g

Transmitter Technical Specs:
Type of Emission : FM
Antenna : Internal Antenna
Microphone Unit : Unidirectional Dynamic
RF Output Power : 10mW
Input Impedance : 8 k ohms
Audio Adj. Range : m/2
Battery : 2x1.5V (AA)
Battery Life : 6 to 8 Hours with Alkaline Battery
Dimensions : 56mm( D) 242mm(L)
Weight (wo/battery) : 250g


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