Datavideo TP-200 Teleprompter for Apple iPad

Datavideo TP-200 Teleprompter for Apple iPad
The Datavideo TP-200 Teleprompter for Apple iPad allows the speaker to read the text on the Apple iPad while looking into the camera lens. Equipped with clear 60/40 glass, the prompter offers easy readability to the speaker and allows the camera to capture high-quality images. You can use the teleprompter with the Datavideo CKL-300 Dual Color (Blue & Green) Chromakey Ring and 3 x Retro-reflective screen.

iPad is not included


- Simple software and wired remote allow users to produce professional results at low cost.
- Special 60/40 Glass allows the presenter to read the script and the camera to see the subject.
- Strong and rigid prompter rig fixes securely to any standard camera / tripod plate mount
- Designed to allow stand alone, in front of camera or below lens prompting. Perfect for applications with Datavideo CKL-300 Dual Colour (Blue & Green) Chromakey Ring & 2 x Retro-reflective Screen
- The black camera sock cloth is adjustable to adapt to a wide variety of cameras
- Combination sleeve and bracket system allows simple but secure Apple iPad(tm) and iPad2 installation
- Quick and simple set rig assembly requires no special tooling
- Three metre long wired remote control is perfect for self shoot projects
- Designed to accommodate Datavideo's DN-60 Solid State CF Card Recorder

In the Box

Camera Cloth Hut with Velcro straps
Glass Frame with matching Velcro straps
60/40 Glass sheet
Prompter Rig
Apple iPad rubber sleeve
Wired Remote Length 3m
Apple iPad mounting bracket
Washer x 2
3mm Hex Screw length 14mm x 2
2.5mm Hex Screw length 11mm x 2
Hex Screw driver to match Hex Screw head x 2
Wing nut Screw x 3
Camera Riser Blocks x 2
Camera Riser Screw Long
Camera Riser Screw Short


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