Sound Devices CL-2 Remote Fader Controller for 788T

Sound Devices CL-2 Remote Fader Controller for 788T
The CL-2 Remote Fader Controller adds a remote level control to any 788T input with its 30mm linear fader. Additionally, its two, two-position programmable toggle switches can be assigned device control or activate menu selections.

The Cl-2 can be mounted directly to a boom pole with the included fasteners, or can be placed on the sound cart or held in hand. Its three status LED's indicate record status, record media readiness, and power. Common uses for the switches include remote-record control, tone activation, PFL activation of an input, and playback control.

The CL-2 is connected to the 788T using its C. Link connection via the included 1.8-meter flexible cable.

All control and setup of the CL-2 is accomplished in the 788T recorder Setup Menu.


Convenient fader control for any 788T/788T-SSD input
Two two-position toggle switches, programmable to control record start/stop and other functions
LEDs to indicate record and power status
Can be mounted directly to a boom pole or used remotely
Powered by the 788T recorder
Single cable connection between CL-2 and the recorder


Fader Range : 30mm
Switches : Dual Position x 2
Weight : 0.67 x 0.56 x 1.67cm (1.7 x 1.43 x 4.23 in)
Weight : 113.4g (4 oz)

In the Box

2 x Hook and Loop Straps
6' CAT5-FLEX Male to Male