Nuctest NT-900 Portable Radiation Dose Meter

by Nuctest
Nuctest NT-900 Portable Radiation Dose Meter
The Nuctest NT-900 multi-function digital ray detector, can be used for Alpha, Beta surface contamination can also be measured and X, Gamma-ray dose rate. Widely used in daily for radiation monitoring, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, power plants, quarries, emergency rescue stations, metal treatment plant, underground oil fields and oil pipelines and equipment, environmental protection, police and other departments.


- Detection of a career in medicine to use X-ray apparatus industry, X-ray intensity

- Check pipes and underground drilling equipment, radioactive, radium groundwater contamination

- Check the ambient radon cesium contamination

- Check the stone and other building materials, porcelain, glass tableware and other radioactive

- Check local radiation pollution and nuclear radiation leak

- Check for nuclear radiation and hazardous waste landfill site

- Check the home decoration of the testing, personal property and jewelry of precious harmful radiation


Detector: Halogen-type GM detector
Measurement of radiation types: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-ray
Radiation dose rate: 0.01uSv / h - 1000uSv / h
Pulsed dose rate :0-30, 000cpm ,0-5, 000cps
Radiation dose accumulated value: 0.001uSv - 999999Sv
Accumulated pulse dose of 0 to -999 999
Sensitivity: 108 pulses / 1uSv / h or 1000cpm/mR/hr (relative to 60Co)
Accuracy: 15%

Energy limit
Alpha: 4.0MeV
Beta: 0.2MeV
Gamma and X-ray: 20KeV

Ray selector switch: You can choose the combination of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-ray
Alarm function: alarm threshold can be set freely, the default is set to 5uSv/h
Communication interface (900 + type): USB computer connection port (optional USB cable extension cord special, extended to 100 meters
Display: 6 digits large-screen LCD, with a ruler bar chart display,

Display data: radiation dose rate, pulse dose rate, radiation dose accumulated value, the cumulative value of the pulse dose, time, date, alarm values, calibration correction factor, the maximum radiation dose rate values.

Storage: the data can be stored 2 thousand, manual or automatic storage
Software: Remote real-time data display, analysis, record
Detector temperature: -40 oC to 75 oC
Weight: 250 grams
Size: 170 x 74 x 30 mm
Power Supply:: 3 AAA battery, can work 90 days
Quality Certification: European CE, US FCC 15