Nuctest NT-6106 Portable Radiation Dose Meter

by Nuctest
Nuctest NT-6106 Portable Radiation Dose Meter
The Nuctest NT-6106-type radiation dose rate meter is a practical radiation measuring instrument, apparatus, ultra-low power 16-bit embedded microprocessor is used as high-speed data processing unit, large screen LCD dot matrix liquid crystal display, the entire Chinese operation menu, clear reading easy to operate. Thin and efficient instrument GM metal detectors, can make X, Gamma radiation dose rate measurements, can also measure Beta radiation, is a practical radiation detector.


- Unknown Area-ray patrol
- Environmental Laboratory, Environmental Pollution
- Department of Nuclear Medicine, meristematic biology, radiation chemistry
- Thickness gauge, level meter, radiation processing, nondestructive testing sites
- Indoor environment and building materials release detection
- Nuclear safety emergency
- The GM tube detector efficiency
- Measurable b radiation
- Sound frequency indicates radioactivity
- To set the dose rate alarm threshold
- Low power design
- Large dot matrix liquid crystal display
- Touch button, easy operation
- Units displayed uGy / h, uSv / h, mR / h, CPM, CPS
- Over threshold alarm
- Alarm blocking
- Battery Failure Alarm


- Measuring range: dose rate 0.01uG/h-10mGy/h, 0.01uSv/h-10mSv/h
- Detector: Metal Thin Wall GM Detector
- Energy range: 30KeV ~ 3MeV
- Sensitivity: >= 3000CPM/mR/h
- Instrument Background: <= 50 CPM
- Relative error: <= 15%
- Power supply: 4 7 (AAA) batteries or rechargeable batteries
- Temperature range: -15 oC ~ 50 oC
- Humidity Range: Relative humidity <= 90% (40 oC)
- Weight: 0.5kg;
- Dimensions: 160 x 80 x 30mm