Nuctest NT-6102 Portable Radiation Dose Meter

by Nuctest
Nuctest NT-6102 Portable Radiation Dose Meter
The Nuctest NT-6102 X, Gamma Radiation Dose alarm device uses the latest low-power embedded microprocessor as a data processing unit, the detector uses a highly sensitive GM counter. Instrument has a fast response, wide measurement range of features. Can monitor X, Gamma rays and Beta radiation, a general-purpose personal radioactive Alarm.

- Environmental law enforcement personnel dose monitoring alarm
- Industrial personnel dose monitoring
- Radiation Medical, radiation dose monitoring of laboratory staff
- Gamma radiation, accelerators and other places of staff to monitor radiation
- Nuclear power plants, nuclear facilities, the staff dose monitoring
- Other areas of staff doses of radiation monitoring and alarm


- Large dot matrix graphic LCD display
- Back-lit display for easy use in low light situations.
- While the dose rate and cumulative dose volume measurement and display
- Instrument sensitivity, measurable environmental background
- Sound and light sourcing function, positioning of radioactive sources to quickly find the location
- Automatic switching range
- Automatically save the cumulative dose and cumulative start date
- Cumulative dose and dose rate alarm
- The alarm can be preset dose rate and cumulative dose alarm threshold
- Sound, vibration, sound + vibration, quiet way to choose the alarm
- Low-power design, five real-time battery status indication
- With real-time clock function, the clock running after shutdown
- Power outages can be stored for long periods after the cumulative dose
- Automatic fault detection, dose rate, overload alarm and protection


- Measuring range
Dose rate: 0.01 uSv / h ~ 50mSv / h
Cumulative dose: 0.00 uSv ~ 9999Sv

- Energy range: 40Kev ~ 3.0Mev
- Energy response error: <= +/- 25% (relative to 137Cs)
- The relative basic error: <= +/- 10% (in 20uSv / h pm)
- Dose rate alarm threshold: 0.5 uSv / h-5mSv / h adjustable
- The cumulative dose alarm threshold: 100uSv-100mSv adjustable
- Protection Alarm response time: <= 6 s

- Display unit
Dose rate: (uSv / h, mSv / h or Sv / h)
Cumulative dose (uSv, mSv, Sv)

- Power supply: one CR123A rechargeable battery, standard charger.
- Size: 100 x 60 x 26 mm (excluding belt clip)
- Weight: 90 grams (without batteries)