Manfrotto 501HDV-546GBK Tripod

Manfrotto 501HDV-546GBK Tripod
Manfrotto 501HDV Tripod Head
Manfrotto 546GBK Tripod Legs
Ground Spreader
Padded Bag


501HDV Tripod Head
The 501HDV features a fixed counterbalance spring set for a typical weight of camera and accessories of 2.5kg that helps ensure both smoother tilt movements and greater equipment safety even when tilt locks are inadvertently left off. The easy-to-reach on/off switch allows the counterbalance system to be disengaged or re-engaged for different filming setups. With its improved design, the 501HDV head offers more ergonomics with locks and knobs that allow a more solid grip and better fingertip control.

546GBK Tripod Legs

The 546 fits neatly into the PRO range of video tripods: it has an aluminium top casting allowing it to be used with our professional half-ball video heads with 75mm diameter; its aluminium twin-strut legs feature adjustable locking levers that can be tension-set to guarantee complete locking power even after years of use and wear; the spiked feet with removable rubber shoes are suitable for any surface from smooth, delicate floors to uneven ground.


Closed Length: 80.5cm
Maximum Load Capacity: 6kg
Maximum height: 170.0 cm
Minimum height: 44.0 cm
Weight: 5.1kg


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