Transcend 16GB 300x CompactFlash Card (pack 10 pcs)

Transcend 16GB 300x CompactFlash Card (pack 10 pcs)
Designed especially for professional photographers, Transcend's 300x CompactFlash memory card provides lightning-fast read and write speeds and ultra-high storage capacity. With its amazing performance and high-resolution, the 300x CompactFlash memory card allows you to get the most from your high-end digital camera, with improved reaction time for continuous non-stop shooting.


Card type: Compact Flash (CF)
Speed Class Rating: 300X
Capacity: 16GB
Size : 42.8mm x 36.4mm x 3.3mm (L x W x H)
Op. Voltage : 3.3V/5V
Op. Temperature : -25oC(-13oF) to 85oC(185oF)
Durability : 10,000 insertion/removal cycles
Weight : 11.4g (Max.)


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