Azden 325UPR Dual-Channel UHF On-Camera Receiver

by Azden
Azden 325UPR Dual-Channel UHF On-Camera Receiver
This improved wireless camera-mount system uses new UHF frequencies to avoid interference from HDTV transition. The 305-325 series system features include 188 user-selectable UHF frequencies (566.125 - 589.875 MHz), a choice of single-channel or 2-channel camera mount receivers with pivoting high-gain antenna and a digital LCD display for faster operation. The operating range is 200-300 feet and it is powered by two AA batteries. Supplied with a mini and XLR output cables and headphone output.


Frequency Range: UHF 188 Frequencies (566.125-589.875MHz)
Type of Reception: FM
Oscillator: PLL Synthesized
RF Squelch Level: -95dBm
Frequency Response: 50Hz - 15kHz
S/N Ratio: >57dB (+/-5kHz) "A" Weighted
Audio Out: MIC Level - Balanced - 3.5mm Mini-Jack
-64 dBm - 600 ohms @ +/- 5kHz deviation
-28 dBm - 600 ohms @ +/- 40kHz deviation
2 "AA" Alkaline (2 x 1.5V) - 5-6 hours runtime
2 "AA" rechargeable Ni-MH (2 x 1.2V)
Dimen.: 73 x 113 x 40.5 mm
Weight Approx.: 290g w/batteries