Azden IRR-30 Infrared Wireless Receiver

by Azden
Azden IRR-30 Infrared Wireless Receiver
The Azden IRR-30 Dual Channel Infrared Receiver is intended for use with any of the Azden IR transmitters. The IRR-30 allows two IR transmitters to be used simultaneously for dual microphone operation. The front panel features dual volume controls and there are audio outputs on the rear to connect to any PA system.


Sub-carrier frequencies: 2.06MHz & 2.56MHz
Type: super heterodyne - crystal controlled
Modulation: FM
Signal-to-Noise: >90dB
Reception sensitivity: >25dBµV
Audio output adjustment
mic: -20dB max
line: 0dB max
Audio output impedance
mic: <1.5k ohms
line: <1k ohms
Power requirement: 12VDC @ 200mA
Size: 215 x 210 x 44mm
Weight: 1.15kg