Dynacore DTD-6000W (Osram HMI6000W/SE) HMI Bulb

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Dynacore DTD-6000W (Osram HMI6000W/SE) HMI Bulb
Osram HMI 6000W/SE Lamp Bulb Replacement.
The Dynacore DTD-6000W is a very powerful single-ended metal halide lamp with outer jacket. This light source offers an enormous luminous flux for a long average service life.The Dynacore DTD-6000W can stand more heat - up to 450oC. This lamp is mainly used for stage, studio, film and TV, especially for outdoor film shooting.


Rated lamp wattage: 6000W
Rated lamp voltage: 123V
Rated lamp current (~): 55A
Luminous flux: 600.000lm
Color temperature: 6000K
Lamp length (overall): 360mm
Bulb diameter: 75mm
Average service life: 500h
Base: GX38


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