Dynacore DTD-2500W (Osram HMI2500W/SE) HMI Bulb

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Dynacore DTD-2500W (Osram HMI2500W/SE) HMI Bulb
Osram HMI 2500W/SE Lamp Bulb Replacement.
The Dynacore DTD-2500W is a single-ended metal halide lamp with outer jacket. Featuring OSRAM's eXtreme-Seal Technology, the lamp stands pinch temperatures up to 450oC now. This lamp type is mainly used in film and TV lighting, for stage, show and
industrial solar simulation.


Rated lamp wattage: 2500W
Rated lamp voltage: 115V
Rated lamp current (~): 25,6A
Luminous flux: 240000lm
Luminous efficacy: 96lm/W
Color temperature: 6000K
Lamp length (overall): max. 225mm
Bulb diameter: max. 60mm
Average service life: 500h
Base: G38


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