IDX A-HG74 Shoulder Mount Supporter (Hand Grip)

by IDX Tek
IDX A-HG74 Shoulder Mount Supporter (Hand Grip)
The A-HG74 is a hand grip support option, providing three cushioned hand grips for the A-CA74E adaptor base and camcorder. There are two hand grips at the front while the third handle at the rear provides support to the chest area to add extra stability. The angle of each hand grip can be fully adjusted and locked in position as required.

Using the A-HG74 hand grip supporter with the A-CA74E enables smoother and more precise operation of the system, minimising vibrations and unwanted camera movement. It can also significantly reduce the weight strain placed on the operator's arm and wrist area which can occur when using just the camcorder palm strap.

The hand grip supporter also has an integrated tripod adaptor base for attaching the complete system to a tripod plate. When the A-CA74E is used without the hand grip supporter, the tripod adaptor (model M-TR74) can still be utilised and is available separately.


Dimensions (mm): 320(B) x 45(H) x 250(T) when folded
Weight: 950g approx.