IDX Elite-S Lithium Ion Battery 136Wh

by IDX Tek
IDX Elite-S Lithium Ion Battery 136Wh
136W Li-ion Power Cartridge V-Mount Battery
Cost Effective PC-14 replacement Power Cartridge.
Cost Effective High capacity and High-Load battery.
Air Transportable over 100W Li-ion battery.
Best Battery for all High End Hi-Def Power Eater Cameras.

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Capacity: 136Wh / 9.2Ah
Maximum Discharge Load: 110W / 9.2A
Maximum Voltage: 16.8V DC
Nominal Voltage: 14.8V DC
End Voltage: 12V DC
PowerLink (Cascade link): NO
B.M.S (Battery Management System): NO
Digi-View: NO
Replacement Power Cartridge: Yes ( PC-14 )
Capacity Display LEDs: 4 LEDs
Dimensions (W)x(H)x(D) mm :100 x 170 x 70
Approx.Weight : 1.2kg

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IDX Elite-S Lithium Ion Battery