Pisen Mobile Power Box 2900mAh

by Pisen
Pisen Mobile Power Box 2900mAh
It is in fully support of power supply and charging for mobile phone, PSP, MP3/MP4 player, PDA and digital learning machine, etc. Just connect data core of your digital device to the USB output port of the Mobile Power Box, charge or supply power begins.

Equipped with 4 different mobile phone connectors: MOT-1, MOT-2, NOK-1, SAM-1
(available for Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and other digital products. If the standard wiring can not meet your need, you just replace it with a tieline for free or buy a matching line)

Matching line: LG-1(LG), NOK-2(NOKIA 3511DC), SAMS-2(SAMSUNG J708), SOER-1, APP-1, PSP-1, and tieline for domestic mobile phones. And you can directly connect it with Mobile Power Box.