IDX CW-5 TX Cam-Wave Video Wireless Transmission System

by IDX Tek
IDX CW-5 TX Cam-Wave Video Wireless Transmission System
Camera Mounted 802.11a MPEG-2 Video LAN
Reliable wireless system provides stable, professional quality audio/video stream from NTSC, PAL, and SECAM sources. No license required.
Auto-adjusting WLAN bit rates adapt to changing environment.
WLAN bit rates of 24Mb/s, 12Mb/s, 6Mb/s provide MPEG2 video bit rates of 14Mb/s, 8Mb/s and 4Mb/s.
Operates in 5.2GHz 802.11a band with hopping technology to reduce interference.
AES encryption for secure wireless transmission.
Transmission latency less than 500 milli-seconds
Video loop-through provided at transmitter to allow local monitoring.
Uses IDX ENDURA power systems.


Wireless LAN Interface
Standard: IEEE802.11a (ARIB STD-T71)
Signal Carrier Frequency: 38KHz
Transmission Method: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Modulation (OFDM)
Frequency Area: 5,150 5,250MHz (4ch) auto-select 5,150 5,350MHz (8ch) auto-select U.S. spec
Data Transfer Speed: 6/12/24Mbps auto switch
Encryption: AES Encryption
Transmission pPower (maximum): 50mW/20MHz, Europe: 200mW/20MHz *1
Reception Sensitivity: -74dBmW typical

Video / Audio
video signal: NTSC / PAL / SECAM auto detection
Composite Input: 1.0Vp-p, 75
S-video Input: 1.0Vp-p, 75 (Y), 0.28Vp-p 75 (C)
Composite Output: 1.0Vp-p, 75
S-video Out: 1.0Vpp, 75 (Y), 0.28Vpp, 75 (C)
Audio Input 5.66Vpp (2.0Vrms) maximum with 20K load
Audio Output 2.0Vpp (0.7Vrms) maximum with 100K load
Compression / expansion method MPEG-2
MPEG Bit Rate 4/8/14Mbps auto switch

I/O Connection Types
Video Input: BNC (composite)
Video Output Through Output: BNC (composite)
Audio Input: XLR5P L/R
Audio Output Through Output: XLR5P L/R
IR cable: Mini-jack

DC Interface
DC in, P-V Assy: 10V - 17V
DC out, A-NH2E: battery voltage
Power Consumption (max): approximately 6.5W