Cononmark DLCD2.0 Flash Light Set

Cononmark DLCD2.0 Flash Light Set
Smaller output watts but still can use with AC and DC.


- Using High-performance Ni-H battery, charging once, It will have 800 flashes when choose "1/1" output with full power battery,"1/64" will be 15000 flashes.
- It is a multi-functional flash." Manual mode operation" setting are adjustable in 1/3 steps from full output "1/1" to "1/64".in total 19 stops to choose, and there are 7 steps apertures. It will be adjusted precisely to meet your required coefficient.
- Under Stroboscopic mode operation, will have many constant flashes when get a sync singal.choose 5 or 15 times constant flashes according to your need.
- Under Creative mode operation, it will have 3 flashes with a sync signal.1/16,1/32.1/64 will be available.
- Special firing mode operation will meet the demand of amateur. Under "Slow flash mode", it will fire by the camera built-in flash synchronously. Flash output steps from 1/1 to 1/64.

Remark:This power pack support Nikon (e.g.SB900) and Canon (e.g.580) flashgun. Good compatibility offer many advantages for Nikon and Canon user.


Recycling Time Full: 1/1 2.5S
Times: 1/1 800 Times:1/64 15000 Times
Light Body Size Dia: 90mm,Height:100mm (cylinder)
Power Pack Size: 120mm * 85mm * 50mm
Light Body N.T: 0.85kg
Power Pack N.T: 0.78kg

In the Box

Flash head
Battery set with charge
Cable for use the battery
AC Adaptor
Carrying bag