Datavideo DDC-2512 DC Converter

Datavideo DDC-2512 DC Converter
DC converter for CB-22/23

Aluminum metal case, sturdy and durable.
DC12V +/- 3% 30W DC power output.
Standard XLR plugs and sockets.
Can be easily fixed on the camera tripod.


Power input: DC 9V ~ 30V DC power supply
Power output:
DC 12V DC power supply voltage error - +/- 3%
Maximum current - 0~2.5 A
Can withstand current range - 0 ~ 2.5 A
The maximum power - 30W
Power supply noise (maximum) - <400mV
Size: 110mm (W) x 32mm (high) x 50mm (D)
Weight: 0.8 (kg)


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