Godox EXR400 EXR Ring Monolite Kit

by Godox
Godox EXR400 EXR Ring Monolite Kit
The design of the ring light holder allows flexibility in usage. The ring light holder can be used independently of a camera. It may also be used simultaneously with a camera being placed on a balancing stand. A large diameter hole allows you to meet all types of SLR cameras for macro flash lighting. No shadow when shooting.

It creates fantastic lighting effect on marriage ceremony, large-scale party, etc.
No interference by nearby colors of the shooting objects. Especially it creates perfect lighting under a gold and yellow background.


Max power: 400ws
Recycle time: 2.5s
Guide number (ISO100): 52
Flash Power control: 9 steps
Rated voltage of the charger: AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Battery recovery feature: Yes
Battery charge mode: Outside Connected AC Charging/Automobile 12VDC
Battery Loading & Unloading: Built-in (replaceable)
Full charge indication: Green

In the Box

Flash head with handle
Power pack
Battery pack
Wireless remote trigger RT-02
Aluminum case
Translucent cap
Sync cord
1.5-meter power cord
Car charger
Mounting bracket
Power pack bag