Cononmark DL4.0 Flash Light Set

Cononmark DL4.0 Flash Light Set
You can use the Cononmark DL4.0 Flash Light Set indoor with AC power and outdoor with DC power.


1.DL 4.0 flash lamp is one kind of light high-speed series of Cononmk Company, It is also the smallest size flash, compared with other some output flash products, at present.

It is the embodiment of precision of advanced image instrument in the digital-time. It suits for the different shooting requirements of professional photographers. With the development of the shooting technology, it also shows the multi-function to meet this trend.

2. This type flash has the output from 1/1 with full power battery to 1/64. And there are 7 steps apertures.

3. Flash system makes use of the advanced IGBT control technology at present in the world. So it has high-speed and greatly stable color temperature. Seizing every exciting moment, that is the Cononmk excellent performance.

4. High-speed continuous shooting is particularly outstanding. FP function up to 9 times per seconds in continuous flash speed in shooting, help you catch the key moment, fully trust its great performance.

5. User-friendly design stroboscopic mode, offer a great help for photographers. It not only allows the intensity of the different shooting under bracketing mode, but also helps you develop creative field. It can not only adjust stroboscopic frequency, but also adjust the interval of stroboscopic. It creates outstanding performance in different environment.

Remark: This power pack support Nikon (e.g.SB900) and Canon (e.g.580) flashgun. Good compatibility offer many advantages for Nikon and Canon user.


Manual Stops: 1/64 - 1/1
Strobing frequency: 10 stops
Continuous shot: 5/10/15/20
Li-ion battery: 7.2A
Recycling time: 0.1-3.5S
Output when battery: 1/1 650 times; FP 35000 times
Charge mode: Insert
Battery charging time: 4 hours
Sensillum opticum: Yes
Battery load / unload: Combined type
Overheat protection: Combined type
Modeling lamp: 12V35W
Warning tone: Yes
GN: 56
Color temperature: 5500K +/- 200K
Powerpack dimensions, mm (weight) 43 * 75 * 102 mm (295g)
Battery dimensions, mm (weight) 43 * 80 * 102 mm (480g)
Light head dimensions, mm (weight) 3.14 * 45 * 45 * 140 mm (900g)

In the Box

Flash Head
Battery Set with Charger
Handle and Panel Head
Cable from Battery to Flash Head
Aluminum Carrying Case