Clover Electronics TES1335 Digital Light Meter

Clover Electronics TES1335 Digital Light Meter
Measuring range from 0 to 40K Lux (0 to 40K fc).
Reading lock, peak hold function.
High accuracy and fast response.
Cosine of the angle of incident light automatic correction features.
30 minutes automatic shutdown.


Measurement stalls:
40.00Lux, 400.0Lux, 4000Lux, 40.00KLux, 400.0KLux, 40.00fc, 400.0fc, 4000fc, 40.00Kfc
Resolution: 0.01 Lux (0.01fc)
+/- 3% rdg +/- 0.5% fs (files larger than 10KLux accuracy)
+/- 4% rdg +/- 10dgts, to standard incandescent lamp, 2856K color temperature correction
Spectral accuracy: f '1 <6%
Temperature characteristics: +/- 0.1% 1 oC
Sampling rate: Figures show that 1.3 times per second, 13.3 times per second analog display
Photosensitive body
Filtered silicon photodiode and optical lenses
Operation / storage temperature and humidity:
0 oC ~ 40 oC, 80% R.H. the following
-10 oC ~ 50 oC, 70% R.H. the following
Power: Six 1.5V AAA batteries
Battery Life: Continuous use of about 400 hours (carbon-zinc batteries)
Optical detector size: 92 150 cm (length) x 6 mm 0 (W) x 29mm (H)
Meter Size: 150 mm (length) x 72 mm (width) x 35mm (high)
Weight: 320g


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