Clover Electronics TES1339 Digital Light Meter

Clover Electronics TES1339 Digital Light Meter
0.01Lux resolution / 999,9 median reading.
Average Measurement / illumination integral measurement.
Light intensity measurement.
Deductible stray light measurement of light illumination.
Measurement of time setting automatically locks.
Unique data recording and reading functions (50 groups).


4-digit LCD dual display
Photopic spectral response function of ~ 6%
Measurement range from 0.01Lux to 999900 Lux, 0.001fc to 99990 fc, for 5-speed automatic shift
Accurate and responsive
Integral illuminance measurement
Measurement of luminous intensity
Data Hold function
Data memory and read features
Value can be set for the measurement of deviation or percentage
Background light and the light illumination ripple (STRAY + LIGHT) measurement
Time lock function
Average function point
Comparison function
Auto power off function


Monitor: 4 digit LCD dual display
Measuring range:
99.99, 999.9, 9999, 99990, 999900 Lux
9.999, 99.99, 999.9, 9999, 99990 fc
(5-speed automatic transmission count) (1 fc = 10.76 Lux)
Overload display: OL symbol display
Resolution: 0.01 Lux, 0.001 fc
Accuracy: +/- 3% reading +/- 5 (2856 o standard incandescent correction)
Photopic spectral function: f~ 6%
Temperature characteristics: +/- 0.1% / oC
Measurement speed: About 5 times per second
Light sensor: Silicon photodiode
Data memory capacity: 50 group (which can be read directly on the LCD)
Operation / storage: 0 oC ~ 50 oC <80% RH / -10 oC ~ 60 oC <70% RH
Power: 6 pcs AAA size Battery
Battery Life: About 100 hours
Light sensor length: 150 cm (approx.)
Optical sensor size: 100 (L) x 60 (W) x 27 (high) mm
Size: 150 (L) x 72 (W) x 33 (high) mm
Weight: 250 grams


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