Clover Electronics TES52A Sound Level Meter

Clover Electronics TES52A Sound Level Meter
Resolution 0.1dB
Dynamic Range 60dB
Range from 30 to 130 dB
A and C frequency weighting
Fast, slow time-weighted
Maximum and minimum volume occurs over time with
Record and read the manual volume


Applicable standards: IEC61672-1 - 2002 Class 2, IEC60651 - 1979 Type 2, ANSI S1.4 - 1983 Type 2
Digital display: LCD 4 digit display, 0.1dB resolution, 1 second
Explicit analogy: 60 bar code instructions, 1dB resolution, 8 times per second
Measuring range: 30dB - 130dB
Measuring frequency range: 31.5Hz - 8KHz
Time-weighted: Fast and slow
Microphone: 1 / 2 inch class of condenser microphones
Measurement stalls: 6 stalls (10dB interval) -
20-80dB ,30-90dB ,40-100dB ,50-110dB ,60-120dB ,70-130dB
Dynamic Range: 60dB
Warning signal display: High volume, Low volume Ov: symbol display Un: symbol display
Data memory capacity: 99 pen
AC and DC output: AV 1Vrms (stall full scale) 10mV DC / dB
Power: 9V battery, AC adapter
Battery Life: about 25 hours
Operating temperature and humidity: Temperature 0 oC to 50 oC (32 ~ 122) and relative humidity "80%
Storage temperature and humidity: Temperature -10 oC to 60 oC (14 ~ 140) and relative humidity "70%
Size: 2564 (L) * 68 (W) * 27 (H) mm
Weight: 260 grams

In the Box

9V battery
Wind ball
Slotted screwdriver (adjusting)
3.5 f headphone plug (3 pin AC / DC output)
Carrying case