Azden IRR-20 + IRB-10 (2 pcs) Infrared Wireless Microphone System

by Azden
Azden IRR-20 + IRB-10 (2 pcs) Infrared Wireless Microphone System
The two-channel IRR-20 receiver allows the use of two microphones at the same time. Each channel has its own frequency. The receiver's built-in sensor array allows complete freedom of movement in a 1600-sq.ft. room.

The IRB-10 body-pack comes with a unique clip-on emitter and you can choose a lavalier microphone, headset microphone, or collar microphone. It operates 2 AA batteries with better than 5 hour life.


Azden IRB-10 transmitter specification:

Sub-carrier frequencies : CH 1: 2.06MHz and CH 2: 2.56MHz switchable
Modulation : FM
Audio distortion : < 1.0% (+/-40kHz deviation @ 1kHz)
Mic input impedance : 2.2k ohms
Mic input jack : 3.5mm
Built-in auxiliary mic : uni-directional electret
Mic gain adjustment : Max to -50dB
Battery type : 2 x AA alkaline (2 x 1.5V)
Power consumption -
low power mode : 100mA drain > 15 hours w/alkaline batteries
high power mode : 160mA drain > 10 hours w/alkaline batteries
Dimensions : 100 x 64 x 27mm (HxWxD)
Weight Bodypack : 132g w/alkaline batteries
Clip-on emitter : 38g

In the Box

2 x Azden IRB-10 Infrared 2-Channel Body Pack Transmitter
1 x Azden IRR-20 2-Channel Infrared Wireless Receiver