Elman GVI SDI Identification Generator for Digital Video

by Elman
Elman GVI SDI Identification Generator for Digital Video
The GVI SDI is fundamentally a character generator that allows to identify a SDI video signal overlapping on it a writing identification composed by a maximum of 25 lines of text for 38 characters each (to according to of the size of the character the various matrix S1=38x25 S2=20x15 S3=13x8 S4=10x5 S5=8x4 S6=6x3 S7=5x2).
The generator also displays in absence of the input signal a black background or color bars.
The signal of key and that of filling are programmed so that to get white characters.
The characters can be moved in vertical and horizontal to the desired position; it is possible to determine independently the size of the characters of every page, moreover can be established the flash for every character.
The characters are built on a 16 points for 16 lines matrix.
The format of every page can be selected for getting characters of 16-32-48-64-80-96-112 lines, the number of the characters for line various dependently to the select format.
The selection of the characters happens through the buttons places on the front panel of the apparatus.
On the back panel, besides the AC power supply connector, there are 3 BNC: one for the input signal and 2 for the 1 and 2 outputs , moreover is present a D female 9 pins connector for the remote control.
In the case of power fail or breakdown, the input and the output 1 are automatically bypassed, therefore the signal video is always available.
An inside memory allows the memorization of six different pages of text, usable subsequently by user.
The memory is type: ferric state that guarantees in absence of energy the maintenance of data for 45 years.