Elman AITSV Audio Format Converter (Balanced to Unbalanced)

by Elman
Elman AITSV Audio Format Converter (Balanced to Unbalanced)
The AITSV is an adapter that allows to connect and to convert, through a high quality transformer, the audio balanced output of a professional apparatus to the unbalanced input of an semiprofessional or consumer equipment.
The input connector is the classical Cannon XLR female with 3 pins and lock button, while for the output has been adopted a BNC that guarantees a best retain in comparison to the classical audio jacks.
The container is metallic to allow a good shield for the electromagnetic noise.
Both the impedances are of 600 ohms and the transfomation ratio betwen input and output is of 1:1.


Primary Impedance: 600 ohms
Secondary impedance : 600 ohms
Transformation ratio: 1:1
High quality audio transformer
Galvanic isolation
Connectors: XLR (input) and BNC (output)
Frequency response: 30 Hz - 35 kHz (+1.5 dB)
Screened metallic box