DOP HDSLR Shooter Kit

by DOP
DOP HDSLR Shooter Kit
DOP Shooter Kit is designed for handheld purpose.


The DOP Shooter Kit, a 15mm rod support system, works on any HDSLR camera with infinite adjustment for user comfort. It is light-weight but offers strong and firm support for your DSLR camera when shooting handheld.

The Cobra Base Plate (BP 004) is attached to the tripod using standard tripod screws. The cheese plate has various 1/4'' and 3/8'' holes to mount monitor adapter, microphone, etc. Especially, the camera can be quickly attached and released thanks to the clip-on cobra plate. The locking system is secure and simple to use. The base plate comes with pair of standard 12-inch aluminum rods.

The shoulder pad and counterweights provides a fully balanced rig. The rig can be configured to use for different heights by adjusting the offset bar. In addition, the offset bar also has standard 1/4'' and 3/8'' holes to mount other accessories such as monitor adapter or microphone. Two counter weights are included in the kit.

Both handles can be rotated 360 degree for user comfort, but when locked, it's 100% firm.


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